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Case Study – Becky and Jay’s Traditional Wedding

Becky and Jay’s Traditional Wedding

This was a wonderful day, held at Calderfields Golf Club in Aldridge on June 2nd 2017 -  www.calderfieldsgolfclub.co.uk

We met a year before the event for an initial chat. I always say to my couples not to make a decision on the spot, but rather for us to meet, and then go away and discuss if I’m the right person. However, we all got on so well, it was apparent from the off that we were a match made in heaven!

I heard their story, how they’d met 12 ½ years beforehand, but the time hadn’t been right. And then a twist of fate brought them together 10 years later, and they fell in love – despite working for rival companies!

This was to be Jay’s second time around, and Becky’s first, so it was important that the wedding held elements of excitement for Jay, and sincerity for Becky, whilst still being meaningful for them both.

Planning The Wedding

The wedding planning came together very easily. Having heard their story, it was easy to visualise. There were no extra people taking part, so it was simply a case of pulling together the right readings and sentiments, making sure the service contained light and shade, and flowed smoothly.

The couple both chose not to reveal their vows beforehand, as they wanted something to surprise each other with. And it was a surprise – as Jay was very emotional when it came to reading them out. He’s normally full of fun and a laugh a minute, so to see him this way was very moving!

Beautiful Bride – And Pageboy!

Becky looked utterly beautiful… and her little boy Charlie also stole a bit of the limelight, in his blue suit that matched Jay’s, as he proudly came up the aisle with the rings (in a box marked ‘ring security’). That got a warm laugh from everyone, and he clung onto those rings until it was time to hand them over to the best man Tristan.

And You’re Married…

The service went by in a flash, and I think it’s safe to say everyone had a fantastic time. They signed the commemorative certificate (a lovely photo opportunity) – and then it was off to the bar for a drink to celebrate. Becky and Jay went off later to sign the official documentation at the registry office (which takes about 10 minutes)… and then returned to join the party shortly afterwards.

It was a fantastic day and a real privilege to meet such a warm couple… and I wish them all the best for the future.