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Celebrant Training In The UK

Celebrant Training in the UK

If you’re considering looking at celebrant training in the UK, there are many things to consider.

Since writing my blog about training a couple of years ago, the landscape has changed so much, and there are now fifteen plus organisations offering courses in all types of celebrancy.

This is something I cover in my book ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’. Available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon, it’s my account of the life of a funeral celebrant

It’s funny, heart-warming and very frank - and it’s important people do know what the role is like before diving in. If you want a really honest overview of the industry, I’d recommend you give it a read.

The main thing to consider though is how overcrowded the market has become. I know of several long-established colleagues who have recently just given up and gone off to do other jobs, purely because the market is now so diluted. And in the aftermath of Covid, and so many people losing work, that is only going to get worse.

I often get emails asking for information; how to become a celebrant; where to train etc… and the first thing I say in light of the current situation is ‘do your research’.

If the area is overcrowded with celebrants, the chances are it will be very difficult to break into. Just Google terms like Celebrant; Celebrant Services; Independent Celebrant; Funeral Celebrant etc (and then put in your area) -  you’ll see who comes up. Or type in ‘celebrant directory’, that’s another way to begin your search.

In brief, once you’ve trained, you’ll need tons of energy to begin the career, and a thick skin as it’s a real sales job to get your foot in the door. Once you do (and I’m going to be honest – many give up on the way); then you’ll also need

  • Organisational skills
  • Admin skills
  • Inter-personal skills for dealing with all kinds of families
  • Great writing skills
  • A good speaking voice and presentation style
  • And boundless energy. The role is exhausting once you become established!

If at all possible, do keep a part-time job going whilst you’re building up your business. And only make the leap when you’re established. But again – you may find you’re flavour of the month for a while, and then someone else comes along, and the phone doesn’t ring from that particular funeral director again. Sorry if this sounds so negative and bleak – but it’s honestly how things are.

And if all of this hasn’t put you off, then good luck. Seek out the right training and then go for it! You may just have the qualities it takes to become a successful funeral celebrant. And you’ll see if you read my book – that also includes a sense of humour. Happy reading, and good luck out there!