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Talking about dying – before we die!

Talking about dying - before we die!

Several generations ago it was normal to die at home. Now death is sanitised and removed, and along with that comes an unwillingness to face the subject at all. That’s not a good thing, as we are less able to cope, and certainly, we are reticent as a culture to discuss the inevitable.

How sad it that? Our parents die, and we don’t know what they wanted. Our partners die, and we don’t know where to look for the paperwork. People die and leave no will – catapulting those left behind into a maelstrom of grief and confusion (and very often, resultant anger too).

But it doesn’t have to be like this, as explained by the ladies at A Natural Undertaking in Birmingham. Undertakers with a MASSIVE difference, Fran and Carrie make it their business to allow people to have a ‘good death’, but that only comes from being open before the event. Take a look at their video below  – I hope it inspires everyone who sees it to have ‘that’ conversation, sooner rather than later.